Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware

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I made sure to back up all information on this hard drive.

Best linked to in regards to the parameters for the forced firmware update no longer functioned, I figured I’d try it anyway and see how it worked out.

I found myself a Nokia data cable (DKU-5) and cut off the phone end.

With the help of a multimeter I determined which wires were used for transmit, receive and ground, and connected them to some wires I cut off an internal CD-ROM cable.

Unfortunately, the update could only be applied to functioning drives.

Seagate will apply the fix to bricked drives for free, but I was reluctant to send my drive to them because I didn’t want to give strangers access to my personal information. After a bit of a search I came across this enormous thread.

Seagate's first firmware update also caused hard drives to fail and brick.

If in the case that this firmware causes your drive to become inoperable, your data is not lost. If your drive has CC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required.

The download utility will abort if it is not compatible with your current firmware revision.

First mail from a 2009 Mac Pro owner on trying to update the firmware. 17th, 2009 mail)"Tried to apply the Seagate firmware update using a new Nehalem Mac Pro 8 core.

The utility ran but could not find the drive to patch. status: Verified I believe the previous Mac Pros machines had PATA for optical drives but there's only SATA in the new Mac Pro.

Recently, one of my hard disks ‘disappeared’ from my computer – it was not being detected in the BIOS.

It turned out that this was a known issue with my drive, and one for which Seagate had released a firmware update.

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