Is danny jones still dating georgia horsley Daddydom chat

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-If you feel any pictures should be included then please submit these too.The end video will be composed using the information sent in along with some pictures of Danny & Georgia and some Mc Fly music in the background.Giovanna Falcone (Tom Fletcher’s girlfriend red.) confirmed on twitter that this article was false, so now we wonder… but we think she looks a lot like previous girlfriend Olivia Shaw… A little bit of Olivia, melted together with a little bit of Laura. Update: Danny Jones’ ex confirms the Georgia Horsley rumours?

- Whole book - Front Page - Last Page with everyones twitter names - Emmar_ on twitter - x Sophie Why Browx on twitter - Krissi_an on twitter - horsleyarmysp on twitter - Sonicpink & Lil Laa2004 on twitter - Georgia HLovers on twitter - Carmen_pov on twitter - x X_Kiitty F_Xx on twitter Hello Tumblr & Twitter followers.Fun fact; Laura and Georgia have presented one or more events together, one of which Danny came to watch and support his then-still-girlfriend Laura.The Daily Star wrote a piece about this when Laura and Danny were rumoured to have broken up, but then secretly got back together… The Daily Star even wrote ‘He had turned up to support her and he was really proud of the way she ran the show with co-host Georgia Horsley, the previous Miss England.’ We don’t know about you…Interestingly they all look rather similar – Danny definitely has a type.“Laura really cared about Danny and it’s particularly hurtful that he’s run off with Georgia,” a friend said last night.

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