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Swift Transport Services are looking for Owner Drivers with the following vehicles: 1 Tonne Trays and Vans 2 Tonne Trays and Transit Vans 4- 8 Tonne Trays and Tautliners Must be hardworking, reliable and available Monday to Friday.Great communication skills and presentation required. Uniform and communication equipment provided, no start up costs.Keep in mind that the sudden activation of encryption tools can draw attention to you, when before there might have been none.

Text Secure provides a secure and private replacement for the default text messaging app.The participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups (1) Intervention Group 1: MDFR Text Messages Dietary Feedback; (2) Intervention Group 2: MDFR Dietary Feedback; (3) Control Group 3: MDFR, no feedback.All groups will undertake a 3-day dietary record using the MDFR but only the Intervention Groups 1 and 2 will receive tailored dietary feedback at baseline and at 6-months which will consist of assessment of serves of fruits, vegetables and junk food in comparison to dietary recommendations.Menopause the Musical looks like great art by comparison.The sex talk is nothing to get excited about either, confined to tired riffs on golden showers, underwear and that hoary urban legend involving hamsters.

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