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One of our favorite stops in Ireland was Kilkenny, a lively medieval town complete with a restored Norman-built castle, Kilkenny Castle, dating back to 1195.Located in southeastern Ireland, in County Kilkenny, the town is built along the banks of the 87-mile long River Nore. Kilkenny was voted Ireland’s “Tidiest Town in 2014” recognizing its’…well… Two of the most popular attractions (in addition to Kilkenny Castle) are the 13th Century Cistercian Duiske Abbey, dating to the 8 While they no longer brew the local ale on site at Smithwick’s (it’s now made at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin), there’s an entertaining tour of the brewery highlighting the history of the ale dating back to the 13 We also had a chance to experience a bit of the local food scene.Outside our clinic we have five set-down spaces and one wheelchair parking space.The set-down spaces are for fifteen minutes and are shared with the Parish Centre and the butchers.However, the present building is vastly different from the stronghold erected by Strongbow in the middle ages.Despite this, the present structure retains the architectural lines of a medieval castle.

Rothe House was built between 15 by one of the city’s leading citizens at the time John Rothe Fitz Piers.

You cannot claim relief for any expenditure, which has been or will be reimbursed, for example by Quinn-healthcare, VHI, VIVAS Health, the Health Service Executive or where a compensation payment is made or will be made.

For tax year 2007 onwards there is no longer any disallowance of the first €125 (or €250 for spouse and dependents).

The Kilkenny Archaeological Society has compiled an extensive database of Kilkenny city and county records.

In addition to possessing a detailed computerised genealogical database at Rothe House, the society also employs a genealogist who can assist people who wish to discover more about their ancestors from Kilkenny city and county.

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