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The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are pleased to share this unique heritage with an ever wider audience. At this moment, a thematic selection, entitled “The Curator's Choice” presents this rich collection from a didactic angle while maintaining a permanent rotation of the collections.All art history fans will enthuse about this new museum that is dedicated to the 1900s, when Brussels, the capital of Europe, was a unique artistic crossroads and the capital of Art Nouveau. Here you will find paintings of exceptional value by the Flemish Primitives, along with many artists from the fertile periods of the Flemish Renaissance and Baroque: Memling, Bosch, Bruegel, Rubens, Van Dyck, Jordaens and others... You will soon find the collection in all its glory in the Vanderborght buildings, a flagship city centre location close to the Grand Place. Discover this essential cultural centre in the heart of Brussels.He told De Morgan: “Globally, there is criticism of the figure of Zwarte Piet. And now I'm an ordinary racist because I coloured my face dark? Love, don't hate.” In local tradition, Santa Claus – or Sinterklaas in Dutch – arrives on December 5 in the Netherlands and December 6, Saint Nicholas’s Day, in Belgium, accompanied by a gang of Black Petes, who hand gifts to children.Opponents say he is a caricature of an African slave carried over from colonial times.

In addition, the globalization of the art market means greater mobility of artworks as they are displayed at fairs and exhibitions around the world.

It’s not the plotline of some fantasy epic, but the real story of prehistoric Europe in the years after modern humans conquered the continent – as a new genetic analysis has just revealed.

We know that modern humans first arrived in Europe about 45,000 years ago when the Archaeologists tend to think these sort of cultural shifts reflect the spread of new ideas through an unchanging population.

With a network of experienced professional art experts, conservation scientists and painting conservators, laboratories using portable equipment, we provide accurate data to meet your requirements – in every corner of the globe.

Our center of excellence for art services is a fully equipped, 336 square meter laboratory based in the Geneva Freeport.

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