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Perhaps you should be flattered that she or he found you interesting enough to study!

You constantly catch your mate staring off into the distance as if in a trance, especially while you are talking to him/her.

He told , “The other area, which is gigantic, is the UFO area.

There are people who would like to go to sites — and listen, I don’t happen to believe in alien landings, but some people do.

He said that many people expressed interest in the paranormal and wanted to meet others to participate in activates such as ghost hunting and UFO spotting.

Although he says he does not believe in “alien landings,” he says he has talked to many people about UFOs.

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just remember, it is probable that your Alien Mate does not wish to harm you, just study you.The website says it is for anyone with “interest in anything that defies a conventional explanation (and I really mean anything).” It notes that many times people keep these sorts of interests secret.It further states, “Makes no difference whether it’s visitations by aliens, haunted houses, extra sensory perception, astrology, mind control, curses, spirit healing, vampires, zombies, prophecy, contacting the dead, mind reading and anything in between.” , Kreskin went into more detail about the site.You know the ship makes a stop at Narin, a beach resort planet, on the way to New Chrystaria. As a public service, I’ve made this list of telltale signs so you too can discover the truth.

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